Besides being a modern superfood, BEETROOTS are used as a medicinal plant and as a natural food-coloring agent. These are eaten boiled, roasted or raw, but its green leaves are also edible.

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CARROTS are also one of the most appreciated vegetables worldwide. The ‘’sweet root’’ is consumed for over 2000 years, its luscious taste making every dish exquisite.

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ONIONS are one of the most common vegetables used in the kitchen, and should not only be looked at as just vegetables, but as a powerful ingredient in so many cuisines as well.

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PARSLEY roots are common in eastern and central European cuisines, in soups or raw, as snacks. The green curly leaves are widely used as garnish all over the world. Its nutritional content is outstanding, not to mention the edgy taste it gives to any course.

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Baked, fried or mashed, POTATOES make the best-known classic side dish for every meal. As one of the fundamental part of the world’s food supply, it has been widely cultivated, reaching nowadays over a thousand varieties.

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About us

Founded in 2012,
this company has been formed of a group of producers,
which consists of four companies already on the market as potato producers,
and four individuals, also producers.

The main activity of the company is
trading with fruits and vegetables.

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